Love is Supreme!

On Friday, the United States Supreme Court agreed to take up appeals of the Sixth Circuit marriage cases from the states of Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Tennessee. The Court has agreed to consider two questions: (1) does the U.S. Constitution allow states to refuse to marry same-sex couples, and (2) does the U.S. Constitution allow states to refuse to recognize the unions of couples who have legally married in other states?

These are the very questions which we argued before the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals less than two weeks ago, and this means we should have final resolution of these issues by this summer, for residents of all fifty states, including Louisiana.

Today, as we celebrate the legacy of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., we remember his words that “justice is indivisible.” It is also worth noting that his wife, the late Coretta Scott King, often spoke out in favor of LGBT rights and equality, as early as 1983 insisting that a lesbian speaker be included in a national march marking the 20th anniversary of Dr. King’s historic march on Washington, D.C. Dr. King and Coretta Scott King were both right in insisting that justice is indivisible, just as the right to marry the person you love should not change when you cross state lines, nor should anyone have to live in fear because of who they are.

We will continue to keep you updated on all our work, as we always do. As we remember Dr. King’s legacy today, we remember that we are a stronger nation when we tear down walls of hatred and division, and we look forward to the Supreme Court taking us one big step closer to that “more perfect union” in several months.

I am so proud and excited to share this news with you. Once the Supreme Court rules in favor of marriage equality, individuals in Louisiana and indeed throughout the country will finally be able to marry the person that they love, but we will not stop fighting until every person in Louisiana enjoys full equality under the law.

Yours in Equality,

Signature Chris Otten



Chris Otten
Chair-Elect and Legal Committee Chair, Forum for Equality Louisiana

PS – Although the end is in sight for marriage litigation, we will not slow down our efforts to educate and fight throughout the state as we prepare for #MarriageAndMore. Please consider making a gift from the heart, whether that is $5 or $500, by clicking here now.


About Forum For Equality

The Forum For Equality is a statewide human rights organization dedicated to the establishment of a society free from discrimination and to the support of good government. We believe that the fastest and most efficient way to achieve these goals is to educate our communities and to constructively participate in the political process.
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