Straw Man Takes a Hay Ride

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Mary Griggs

strawmanOver at the Hayride, supposedly Louisiana’s premier conservative political commentary site, they’ve got a new article against the opponents of HB 707.

If you wanted a classic example of a straw man argument (a logic fallacy involving the purposeful misrepresentation of an argument in order to strike it down), this would be the one article to read.

Let’s start with the problem of comparing states with non-discrimination laws that protect LGBTQ people to Louisiana, which most emphatically does not. If you do not live in Shreveport or New Orleans (and, even there small businesses are exempted), there is nothing to protect you from discrimination in employment, housing or the big kicker, public accommodations. So, those bigoted bakers are safe while the LGBTQ community is not.

Now, let’s take the bill itself: current draft of LA House Bill 707.

Line 15 of the bill:

A. Notwithstanding any other law to the contrary…

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