Go Early Vote!

Forum for Equality PAC has made the following endorsements in the upcoming special election in Jefferson and Orleans Parishes.

Please support and vote for the following candidates.

Judge, 4th Circuit Court of Appeal, 1st District, Division C: Judge Paula Brown

Judge Civil District Court, Division B: Suzy Montero

State Representative 92nd Representative District: Joe Stagni

Early voting for the upcoming election runs from March 11th to 18th.

For information on voting locations and election ballots, please visit the Secretary of State website for upcoming election information.

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Chyna. Jaquarrius. Ciara.

The past couple of weeks have hit our community hard. Black transgender women and gender nonconforming youth of color face disproportionately high rates of violence and murder. In Louisiana, we have lost three members due to violence. Chyna Gibson. Jaquarrius Holland. Ciara McElveen. Trans lives matter. Black trans lives matter. These trans lives matter.

Today we saw the Supreme Court reverse Gavin Grimm’s case based on President Trump’s decision to rescind U.S. Departments of Education and Justice guidelines for what a public school’s responsibilities are to transgender students under Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972.

Revoking this guidance is indicative of this administration’s disregard for transgender youth and the many challenges they face. We are now seeing the real legal impact of the new policies, and this sends an alarming message that bullying, harassment, and violence are okay.

This administration’s needless steps to rescind the guidance are tantamount to telling transgender youth, in the eyes of the government, they are not welcome in their schools and are not worthy of the equal treatment and fairness afforded to all other students.

Attorney General Jeff Landry inserted Louisiana into this fight by signing onto the hideous lawsuit suing the federal government based on these guidelines. All of these actions absolutely threaten the ability of transgender citizens to live their lives openly and safely.

We want ALL Louisianans to know that we are here, we care and will continue to fight for ALL.

We must stand in solidarity with one another and be a visible force in our communities, so we can help increase our safety.

Here are some resources and programs that are available in the Greater New Orleans area:

BreakOUT!’s programming for building power and ending criminalization of trans youth of color, including peer support: www.youthbreakout.org

Trans Defense Fund for legal name change/ gender change/ other legal support: https://youthbreakout.kindful.com/?campaign=255097

New Orleans Carpool Collective is a way for people to volunteer for safe transportation for people, including transgender youth, to and from membership meetings, etc. https://www.facebook.com/carpoolneworleans/ or carpoolneworleans@gmail.com

Transitions Louisiana is hosting a Townhall this Friday: https://www.facebook.com/events/795931503889571/
With Equality for All,
SarahJane Guidry
Executive Director, Forum for Equality

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FFE PAC Endorsement Meeting

Forum for Equality PAC will be considering endorsements in the upcoming Judicial races in Orleans Parish. The FFE PAC meeting will be Monday, March 6th at 7:15 pm at the Law Office of Delaney, Robb & Rubin located at 2800 Veterans Memorial Blvd, Suite #213, Metairie, LA 70002.

For our endorsements to be representative of our members, we need you to be a participatory voice. Forum for Equality PAC is one of few statewide LGBT organizations that has open endorsement meetings, and we welcome our members to be actively engaged in the process with us.

All current members of Forum for Equality Louisiana residing in the Greater New Orleans Area are eligible to vote. Please contact our office for a proxy form, which can be used for those who qualify to vote but are unable to attend. If you are not certain of your membership status, please contact our office.

Forum for Equality Contact Information:
SarahJane Guidry, Executive Director

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Stand tall

The Trump Administration has stated “at this time” it will not backpedal on the gains the LGBT community made under the Obama Administration’s executive actions. Maintaining the protections established by President Obama is the right thing to do, but we are a forward-looking movement, and we should not be satisfied with simply reaffirming gains made years ago.

The truth is, President Trump openly supports the “First Amendment Defense Act” and has surrounded himself with staffers and appointees who have repeatedly sought to legalize discrimination against LGBT people in the name of religion. Just last night he nominated Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, who is best known for his commitment to prioritizing personal religious beliefs over all other rights and freedoms.

Know this: we are vigilant. We will not let this distract us from the work that must be done at home as well as across our nation. Louisiana’s Attorney General is still fighting against the same protections extended to our state employees. The state legislative session is just around the corner, and we must fight against the type of hateful legislation being introduced in many states where the forces of bigotry feel empowered by the results of the election.

We stand tall against all forms of discrimination, and Forum for Equality will continue to fight for you, always. Stand with us by becoming a member today.

With equality for all,
SarahJane Brady

Executive Director, Forum for Equality

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What a year!

This has been a tremendous year for Louisiana. We have won more as a community than ever before, but there is still so much work to be done. So, what have we seen in 2016?

  • Killed all the bad LGBT bills in the 2016 legislative sessions!
  • Had all LGBT nondiscrimination bills pass out of committee and move to the Senate floor for the first time ever!
  • A fully-inclusive Executive Order signed by Gov. John Bel Edwards!
  • Successful All-American Acclaim Awards Gala!
  • Hosted national and state leaders for the last White House LGBT Summit!

These are some amazing wins for our state. But, what will be in store for us in 2017?

We know we will continue to battle the Attorney General on the Governor’s Executive Order, fight against anti-LGBT bills (again!), and continue to extinguish homophobia and transphobia. And while we don’t know yet what sort of environment we will face at the federal level, know we have been here for over twenty-seven years with no plans on backing down now!

Forum for Equality’s New Year’s resolution is to continue to be a force of equality and justice through action and engagement. Support us in 2017 by making a donation to sustain our work next year. Make your donation here before the stroke of Midnight on Saturday!
With Liberty and Justice for all,

SarahJane Brady

Executive Director, Forum for Equality

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They won’t stop!

Some of our elected officials will stop at nothing to block the advancement of Governor John Bel Edwards’s LGBT Executive Order. The House Appropriations Committee will be voting on the state employee health benefits contract with Vantage Health, and some of them want to strip the LGBT inclusive non-discrimination protections.

We cannot let this happen! The denial of this contract simply because it includes LGBT non-discrimination protections for Vantage Health employees is part of the continued effort to roll back Governor Edwards’s advances for our community.

Take action here, and let Representatives on the House Appropriations Committee know that you want the Vantage Health contract approved with the non-discrimination protections.

With Equality,


SarahJane Brady
Executive Director, Forum for Equality

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Make your plan to vote tomorrow!

The 2016 election season is ALMOST over, and Forum For Equality PAC wants you to make a plan to go vote tomorrow! We are making the following recommendations for the runoff elections to be held tomorrow, Saturday, December 10th:

U.S. Representative – 4th Congressional District:
“Anyone but Mike Johnson”.

Judge – Orleans Parish Criminal Dist. Court, Div. D:
Paul A. Bonin

Baton Rouge Metro Council – Dist. 7:
Lamont Cole

Baton Rouge Metro Council – Dist. 10:
Lorri Burgess

Baton Rouge Metro Council – Dist. 11:
Barbara Freiberg

Find your polling place HERE

Geaux Vote!!!


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