FFE PAC Endorsements for the November 13 Primary Election

The Forum for Equality PAC is proud to announce the following endorsements:

Alexandria City Council, District 4 – Catherine Davidson

State Representative, House District 102 – Delisha Boyd

Sheriff – Dual Endorsement for Marlin Gusman and Susan Hutson

Clerk of Criminal District Court – Austin Badon

Assessor – Erroll Williams

New Orleans Mayor – LaToya Cantrell

New Orleans City Council, At Large 1 – Helena Moreno by acclamation

New Orleans City Council, At Large 2 – Dual endorsement for JP Morrell and Kristin Gisleson Palmer

New Orleans City Council, A – Joe Giarusso by acclamation

New Orleans City Council, B – Lesli Harris

New Orleans City Council, C – Frank Perez

New Orleans City Council, D – Mariah Moore

New Orleans City Council, E – No endorsement in this race

Early voting is October 30 through November 6 (excluding Sunday, October 31) from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Polls open at 7 a.m. and close at 8 p.m. All voters in line at 8 p.m. have the right to vote.

To get ballot and polling information go to GeauxVote

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LGBTQ candidates are running… let’s cheer them on!

GREAT news for upcoming City Council races in Alexandria and New Orleans. We have three outstanding LGBTQ candidates running this cycle who received Forum for Equality PAC’s early endorsement, and, if they win, they will make history as the first OUT Councilmembers in Louisiana! 

Forum for Equality PAC proudly endorses these LGBTQ candidates for the October 9th election: 

If you haven’t seen the local headlines from the past few months, the news has been inundated with attacks on trans Louisianans. Our legislative session went into overtime because legislators wanted to ban trans youth from participating in sports. Now, more than ever, we need LGBTQ elected officials in positions where decisions are made. 

Here’s what’s on the line: these races will have huge ripple effects across our State. Our candidates can turn out pro-equality voters for their own races. And when more pro-equality voters hit the polls, more pro-equality candidates win. Every victory matters. They have to be ready for whatever comes next and have the resources they need to win. Support their campaigns today.

We’ve got a lot of tough fights ahead of us. Louisiana is a negative equality state, meaning we have few laws that protect LGBTQ people and families, but those that wish to hold us down are terrified they’ll continue to lose. We have to fight and we need your help to win. To make Louisiana LGBTQ history, we need all hands on deck. Donate and volunteer today! 

With liberty and justice for all,

Kenny Tucker

Chair, Forum for Equality PAC 

P.S. These races are so important for our community that we wanted to issue our endorsements right away. Endorsements for remaining races will be made in the coming weeks.

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Sending our thanks for sustaining veto.

History was made. The Louisiana House of Representatives voted to sustain Gov. John Bel Edwards’ veto of SB 156 by Sen. Mizell. This means that the effort to prohibit trans youth from playing elementary to collegiate sports is officially dead for the 2021 legislative session. 

Trans Lives Matter.

This bill was never about fairness; it has always been an attack on trans lives. We pushed back on the multiple attacks against trans youth this legislative session with parents, universities, medical professionals, educational leaders, youths and trans voices, and we won a hard fought victory. 

Thank you to all of the Senators and Representatives that supported the trans community, 

Sens. Barrow, Boudreaux, Bouie, Carter, Fields, Harris, Jackson, Luneau, Peterson, Price, Smith, and Tarver. As well as, Reps. Adams, Brass, Brown, Bryant, Carter, R. Cormier, Duplessis, Freeman, Gaines, Green, Hughes, James, Jefferson, Jenkins, T. Johnson, Jones, Jordan, LaCombe, Landry, Larvadain, Lyons, Marcelle, D. Miller, Moore, Newell, Phelps, Pierre, Selders, Stagni, and Willard. Click here to send them a note of thanks!

In Solidarity, 

SarahJane Guidry
Executive Director, Forum for Equality

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The Louisiana Senate just voted to do the unthinkable

The Louisiana Senate just voted to override Governor Edwards’ veto of overreaching youth sports legislation–with the minimum number of votes. It’s going to the House of Representatives now, and it’s going to be as close a vote as possible. You can help make sure it doesn’t pass. Write your legislators now to help stop that from happening.

Not only is this bill severe government overreach, but it also poses a huge threat to the Louisiana economy. Already, the NCAA is warning that they will pull championship events from states that pass this kind of legislation. That would mean a $170 million hit from the loss of the 2022 Men’s Final Four in New Orleans alone.

When North Carolina passed similar legislation, it cost them almost $4 billion. Don’t let that happen here. 

Youth sports organizations are handling the non-issue of trans youth participation just fine on their own–but some legislators are insisting on inserting themselves in private organizations’ business anyway. 

Rules are already in place to ensure fairness in school sports for everyone of all genders.This legislation is unnecessary and has the potential to devastate the Louisiana economy.

We’re running out of time. Email your legislators right now to stop this bill.

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Veto session confirmed for next week

The Louisiana legislature this morning announced that they will convene for a veto override session next week on July 20. The session will last five days, and Senate Bill 156, the bill to ban trans youth from playing school sports, will be the top item. 

We need your help to encourage the legislature to sustain Governor John Bel Edwards’s veto of this harmful, discriminatory legislation.

When Governor Edwards vetoed this bill, he denounced its potential impact, stating correctly that it would “set as the policy of the State of Louisiana that there is something wrong with these children and that they should be treated differently from whom they really are.”  

It’s critical that your representative and senator hear from you. Click here to write them a letter.

Thank you,

SarahJane Guidry, Executive Director, Forum for Equality

Dylan Waguespack, Board President, Louisiana Trans Advocates

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Gov. Edwards Vetoes SB 156!

Minutes ago, Governor John Bel Edwards vetoed SB 156! Senator Mizell authored a bill that sought to further discriminate against transgender youth, banning them from sports. 

Like all students, transgender kids deserve the same chances to learn teamwork, sportsmanship, leadership and self-discipline, and to build a sense of belonging with their peers. We know that opportunities to play sports are already unavailable to trans youth across most of the Pelican State. There are many hills to climb before we achieve full equality here in Louisiana, and Forum for Equality and Louisiana Trans Advocates are here for the fight. 

Transgender kids want the same opportunities other kids do: to be a part of a community where they feel they belong. Gov. Edwards sent a strong message to the trans youth that were consistently attacked this legislative session — that there should be no hate in our state! Send Governor Edwards a thank you email here.

With Solidarity

SarahJane Guidry

Executive Director, Forum for Equality

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Supreme Court issues ruling in Fulton

In the long-anticipated Fulton vs. the City of Philadelphia Supreme Court case, SCOTUS ruled in favor of Catholic Social Services — though it is not a loss for the LGBTQ rights movement.

Rather, the court issued a very specific and narrow ruling, one which found that Philadelphia violated the law because its non-discrimination ordinance was enforced in a non-neutral way. However, the court did not recognize a general constitutional right to discriminate based on religious beliefs.

Here’s the background: Catholic Social Services, a taxpayer-funded foster care agency in Philadelphia, previously asked for a constitutional right to discriminate when it came to determining whether LGBTQ people had the right to foster or adopt. The worry was that this could allow taxpayer-funded agencies across the country to turn away qualified families who don’t meet their religious test.

But the ruling in Fulton v. Philadelphia is a narrow decision, only impacting Philadelphia’s foster care program. The decision doesn’t change the status quo, and nondiscrimination ordinances, like the ones which have been passed here in Louisiana, are legal.Additionally, the court doesn’t grant a license to discriminate to institutions, whether in foster care or elsewhere.

Either way, we know that it’s not fair to have our rights debated in the public square — and it can be complicated to fully understand the implications of rulings like this. But know that we did not lose today — this decision reminds us that there’s much more that still needs to be done to protect the rights of LGBTQ+ families here at home and nationwide. 

With Equality, 

SarahJane Guidry

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Go Vote for Gary!

Tomorrow, Saturday, June 12, is Louisiana’s special election, and Forum for Equality PAC has issued an endorsement for Rep. Gary Carter, Jr. for Senate District 7. This endorsement reflects our organization’s mission of ensuring equality for all. Our mission, at its core, is simple: we believe LGBTQ Louisianans should be able to live freely in every parish across the Pelican State.

State Senator, 7th District: State Representative Gary Carter, Jr.

To find your most convenient polling place, please visit: www.geauxvote.comWith such an important race on the ballot this special election, we encourage you to vote.

Be a part of our movement by supporting Rep. Carter and help build a State of equality here in Louisiana. We highly encourage you to exercise your right to vote and to share these endorsements with your family, friends, and fellow neighbors.

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Our Faubourg Has Pride

Join us! A percentage of merchandise sales will be donated to Forum for Equality!

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Thanks to the Representatives who voted against SB 156.

It is with a full heart of gratitude that we thank the Louisiana House Representatives who voted against SB 156.

Although SB 156 did gain the votes to move forward this legislative session, we need to make sure that we thank those who support equality with their voice and their vote.

These Representatives stood on the right side of history and supported the LGBTQ community. Send them a personal note telling them why their vote is important to you here [http://bit.ly/NOSB156Thanks].

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